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Updates on Former Phillies Hopes for the Hall

Roy Halladay
Roy Halladay throws in the bullpen during the spring training practice at the Carpenter Complex in Clearwater, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Welch/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images)

Looking through the Hall of Fame ballots that have been released so far gives a gauge of how the four former Phillies on the ballot are faring. Roy Halladay looks to be a shoe-in for election in his first year of eligibility, while Curt Schilling is still a too close to call. As for Scott Rolen and Billy Wagner, maybe next year.

Ryan Thibodaux, who compiles publicly released Hall of Fame ballots and keeps a rather detailed compilation of the votes. His latest listing has 185 of an estimated 412 ballots that are to be cast, which means that only about 45% of the ballots have been released. With the announcements coming on Tuesday, you can figure a lot of voters will make their votes public between now and then, as most voters do release their ballots.

Thibodaux’s latest numbers have Roy Halladay receiving votes on 94.1% of the ballots that have been made public. If you do the math – which Thibodaux presents very clearly and precisely – Halladay would need to receive votes on just 59.5% of the remaining ballots, giving him the second best shot at induction. Not unexpectedly, Mariano Rivera has the best shot, needing just 54.6% of the remaining votes. It’s worth noting that so far, Rivera has collected votes on 100% of the ballots.

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Curt Schilling, who has fallen shy of the 75% vote total needed in the past, is currently running at 74.1% on the ballots released. He would need to get votes on 75.8% of the remaining ballots to gain induction into the Hall of Fame. Last year, Schilling received 51.2% of the vote, putting him well ahead of where his 2018 percentage.

Scott Rolen and Billy Wagner won’t be heading to Cooperstown this year. While some make a sabremetric case for Rolen’s induction, he has received votes on just 20.5% of the ballots and won’t be able to get to the 75% needed this year. The same is true for Wagner who has received 15.7% of votes. Last year, Rolen received votes on 10.2% of the ballots and Wagner was selected by 11.1% of the voters.

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