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Phillies Executive David Montgomery Passes Away

David Montgomery
Longtime Phillies executive David Montgomery passed away at the age of 72 today. The Phillies chairman had battled cancer for five years prior to his death.

David Montgomery went from working in the Phillies ticket office and operating the scoreboard in the first season of Veterans Stadium to becoming the team president and chairman as a minority owner in the team. The Phillies executive passed away after a five-year war with cancer that he fought valiantly, remaining active with the team throughout the battle.

The cancer first appeared in 2014 and Montgomery underwent surgery to remove a portion of his jaw, but he continued to be a frequent presence around the Phillies offices and games. Montgomery was known for his friendly demeanor and for how he took time to meet and talk to everyone from other team executives to everyday fans whenever he had the chance.

Kurt Landes, general manager of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs, pointed out on Wednesday that the IronPigs wouldn’t be in existence if not for the role that Montgomery had played. At the time the affiliate was being put together, Montgomery was the team’s general partner, president and CEO and worked tirelessly to secure funding from a number of government sources and bring the project to fruition.

During last year’s World Series, commissioner Rob Manfred paid tribute to Montgomery by writing his name on his placard for the Stand Up To Cancer moment.

Phillies chairman emeritus, Bill Giles issued a statement saying; “David was truly a great man. I have never known a person with more integrity or who truly cared so much about everyone who worked for the Phillies. I saw his unparalleled love for his family, the Phillies and the team’s fans, and of course, the City of Philadelphia.”

Montgomery was a part of 12 division champions, five NL championships and two World Series championships with the Phillies. He also led the development of Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.

Montgomery was 72 and is survived by his wife, Lyn and children, Harry, Sam and Susa. He also leaves behind one grandchild and two great-grandchildren.

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