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Herrera gets 85-game suspension

Odubel Herrera
Phillies outfielder Odubel Herrera was suspended for 85 games by Major League Baseball after an investigation by MLB into domestic abuse allegations stemming from an incident on Memorial Day in Atlantic City. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Odubel Herrera, who has been on an MLB mandated administrative leave since his arrest on domestic violence charges on Memorial Day, was given an 85-game suspension by Major League Baseball.

The charges against Herrera were dropped on Monday  when his woman he was accused of abusing refused to testify in the case. While the legal proceedings were halted, baseball’s investigation into the matter continued under terms established in the last collective bargaining agreement.

The suspension will cover the remainder of this season and into the 2020 season. During the suspension, Herrera will not be paid and he has agreed not to appeal the suspension and will be take part in an evaluation and treatment program that is overseen by Major League Baseball and the player’s union.

The suspension is the second longest handed down by Major League Baseball, second only to the 100-game suspension given to Jose Torres of the Padres in June, 2018.

The agreement between MLB and the player’s association does not allow for teams to levy their own punishment on a player accused of domestic violence, which would prevent the Phillies from voiding Herrera’s contract. If the Phillies were to release Herrera, they would remain responsible for the remainder of his contract. However, they would also have to show that the release was related to Herrera’s on-field performance and not as a reaction to the domestic violence charges.

Immediately following the charges, the Phillies removed all signage with Herrera’s photo or name from Citizen’s Bank Park.

Herrera will also not count against the Phillies 40-man roster limit while he is under suspension.

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