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Phils swing and miss on Machado

The Dodgers wound up going all-in to get Manny Machado, including their top prospect, outfielder Yusniel Diaz in the deal that sent five prospects to Baltimore for a 10-week rental on Machado. In addition to Diaz, the Dodgers included right-handers Dean Kremer and Zach Pop and minor league infielders Rylan Bannon and Breyvic Valera.

The Phillies agreed to include their second best pitching prospect, Adonis Medina, in a package of players but the Orioles deemed the group of players from the Dodgers to be more advantageous to them than the group of players the Phillies had agreed to send.

At one point, it seemed like the Phillies were the front-runner to get Machado, but then again, various teams were the leader in the clubhouse at one point or another. The Dodgers came through at the end, although a medical concern over one of the prospects in the deal could have tripped up the trade but ultimately did not.

There were reports that the Orioles had been given permission to cull through the medical records of players including Adam Haseley, JoJo Romero and others. The Phillies had marked top pitching prospect Sixto Sanchez as off limits. It’s believed that that Orioles also had interest in shortstop Arquimedes Gamboa, outfielder Jhailyn Ortiz and pitcher Franklyn Kilome. Exactly who would have been included in the trade from the Phillies side of things isn’t fully known.

Los Angeles will use Machado at short in place of Corey Seager who underwent season-ending Tommy John surgery.

Machado’s last appearance in a Dodgers uniform was in Tuesday night’s All-Star Game. The MLB trade deadline is approaching on July 31st. Following that date teams would have to get waivers on a player to trade them and after August 31st and player acquired by a team is not eligible to be placed on the postseason roster.

The Dodgers had a slow start to their season but currently have a 1/2 game lead over Arizona, two games over Colorado and four over San Francisco. The Diamondbacks were one of the front-runners at one point but fell by the wayside.


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