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Joe Jordan exits Phillies player development department

Joe Jordan
Joe Jordan oversaw the Phillies player development for seven seasons. The 56-year old Jordan announced he was leaving the Phillies to pursue other opportunities.

With 22 years of front office baseball experience under his belt, Joe Jordan, who served as the Phillies director of player development since 2012, has developed a successful way of doing things. Many of the current Phillies grew up in the farm system under the watchful eye of Jordan. Last December, Bryan Minniti was promoted to be an assistant GM of player development over Jordan.

It obviously couldn’t have sat well with Jordan, but he spent a season trying to make it work. When the minor league season ended on Labor Day, he sat down for a talk with GM Matt Klentak and announced that he was leaving the Phillies organization and would pursue other opportunities. Officially, he and the team sited philosophical differences as the reason for Jordan’s exit.

The differences may have stemmed both from the promotion of Minniti and the Phillies increasing reliance on analytics in player development. Jordan is more of an old school, put your eyes on the players type guy. In today’s baseball environment, those type of people are valued less and less as GMs tend to listen more to the analytics guys than the hands-on guys.

The 56-year old Jordan has worked in scouting and player development throughout his baseball career. He served as the Orioles director of scouting from 2005-2011 and was responsible for drafting players like Manny Machado, Jake Arrieta and Matt Wieters. Prior to joining Baltimore, Jordan worked for both the Montreal Expos and Florida – now Miami – Marlins.

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