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Braves clinch NL East crown

The Phillies 2018 season started in Atlanta on a bad note and basically ended there as well on an equally bad note. The opening series will be remembered as a debacle, pure and simple, highlighted by Gabe Kapler bringing pitcher Hoby Milner into a game before he had even warmed up in the bullpen. The Phillies final trip to Atlanta will be remembered as the one where they watched the Braves celebrate their first NL East title since 2013.

Jake Arrieta had the shortest outing of his career when he went just two innings, allowing four runs to boost his post-all-star break ERA to 5.09 in 12 starts. If you narrow that down to his last eight starts, the numbers are even worse, with Arrieta possessing a 6.64 ERA in those games.

The Phillies lost the game 5-3.

It’s been well noted that the Phillies had the second best record in the National League on August 5th and fell mightily from there, unable to turn things around. At that point, the Phillies led the NL East and were 63-48 but are in a 15-28 funk since that time that saw them fall out of the top spot in the division to being eliminated from winning the division by Atlanta.

To make matters worse, the Phillies are now on the brink of elimination from contention for the wild card spot as well. That final blow could come as early as Sunday. The Phillies have lost the first three games of the four-game set in Atlanta. They move on to Colorado after Sunday’s game and then return for a final weekend at home, also against the Braves.

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