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Kranitz winds up in Atlanta

Well this could be interesting. Former Phillies pitching coach Rick Krantiz, who was surprisingly let go by the Phillies a month ago, has a new job with division rival Atlanta.

The Phillies jettisoned Kranitz when teams came sniffing around Philly looking to hire assistant pitching coach Chris Young. Rather than risk losing Young to another club, they gave him the promotion to pitching coach and fired Kranitz. In three seasons with the Phillies, Kranitz moved from bullpen coach to assistant pitching coach to head pitching coach, and has a lot of knowledge about the Phillies pitching staff, which may well wind up in the hands – and heads – of Atlanta players.

The Braves let pitching coach Chuck Hernandez go after two seasons and Kranitz seemingly fell into the Braves’ lap as a replacement. It’s possible that the Braves were also one of the teams asking about Young, who could have left his position with the Phillies for a promotion elsewhere.

The 60-year old Kranitz had previously served as head pitching coach with Baltimore, Miami and Milwaukee prior to joining the Phillies.

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